John & Debbie Trombley

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What People Are Saying:

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Jim & Carolyn Lange
Author and Business Owners

"John and Debbie were our pre-marital coaches and have continued to provide support to us in helping our marriage. This was the 2nd marriage for each of us and they helped open our eyes to potential landmines (from sex to money to roles) which has helped us to navigate life together. They are so easy to relate to and a lot of fun as well! Their wisdom is, first of all, from above and, second, is very practical. We highly recommend them!"

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Petrus & Kayla Van Rensburg
Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer and Podcaster

"Piet: God showed to us we are worthy to share our struggles and help others with God’s love and how to navigate challenging times and communicate better with others and in our marriage. I’m grateful for their guidance and help. They taught us how to keep our relationship on track and work hard to choose love each day and in each situation.

Kayla: God was at work when John and Debbie entered our lives. Our marriage was on the rocks and our communication as a couple was not in a good place. We were spiritually and emotionally drained. We immediately started seeing improvements in our marriage even after our first visit. We are thankful to have a Spirit-led, loving couple in our lives, routing for us and our marriage and continuing to mentor us through the word of God."

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Jim & Ann Shultz
Business Consultant and Senior Living Facility Admissions Coordinator

"My husband was a long-time bachelor, and this was my second marriage. As newlyweds, we found that these issues presented challenges. Through John and Debbie’s coaching and classes we received a greater insight into how God had uniquely created us, brought us together and how past hurts were impacting our life as a married couple. Their specific work around prayer, moving through conflict and understanding our personality types helped improve our communication with one another and with the Lord. John and Debbie always led us back to the truth found only in scripture. They used personal examples, allowing us to draw from their experiences. They listened well and tailored their help to expand on areas where we were needing more care. We are so very grateful for this anointed couple. Their prayer, encouragement, and love have truly been a blessing from the Lord.

To this day, their Christ-Centered approach to relationship keeps us focused on Jesus. Knowing and trusting that He’s the ultimate “healer” in our marriage; remembering His example and the purpose for our covenant marriage; to bring glory to God our Father through our love for Jesus and love for one another."

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Jerry & Deb Wendel-Daub
Real Estate Development and Senior Project Manager

"The Trombleys not only provide coaching for couples and individuals, but they also team-teach marriage and relationship-building classes, something they have been doing since the late 1990s. Because of their transparency and diverse backgrounds in work and life, they are able to bring practical, useful, God-honoring tools to people who desire to live the life they dream of.

Deb said, “The class we took with them provided a safe format for my husband and I to truly be transparent and honest with our desires, needs, and hurts in our marriage. There were numerous tools provided for us to use while communicating about challenging topics. We've kept the book and handouts for reference!”

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Luke & Ashley Montgomery
Production Manager and Certified Nursing Assistant

"Before working with Coaches John & Debbie I (Luke) struggled with turning non-hostile engagements into arguments, the fear of past experiences playing out in the current relationship, and the lack of proper communication skills that caused it to feel like a one-sided relationship, causing a lot of trust issues. Ashley added, “They helped us take the time to listen to what we were saying to each other, and to invest time and energy into the relationship.”

Today we both feel that we are married to the love of our lives. The tools they provided us during our Coaching Experience are ones we will use for the rest of our lives. Listening with the want to know, being strong in the faith and trusting God in all circumstances, you can never say “I Love You!” too much. We have learned how to encourage each other even when times are tough, share our hopes and dreams even if they are silly, and to do our best to resolve any conflicts before we go to sleep. If you are struggling with failed communication, a dead-end feeling with no direction and want to take a step in the right direction, I highly recommend working with the Trombleys."