Congratulations! You're Engaged! Now what?

marriage and relationships personal development Jun 03, 2022
Wedding Ring

You've accepted his proposal, the ring is on your finger, and the wedding planning has begun!

But wait...

How about planning for your life together to last a lifetime?

Did you know that you have a 31% better chance of happiness if you take the time to prepare for marriage? Who wouldn't want those odds?!? Today, 50% of marriages end in the pain of divorce, but you don't have to be a part of that scary statistic.

Before you say "I do", we encourage you to say, "I WILL! I will prepare and learn all I can about how to have a successful marriage and deal with my 'stuff' that haunts me; the differences in our personalities; how we each feel about money, sex, in-laws, and children; our different communicate styles; and how we each handle conflict."

Yes, there are a lot of dynamics to marriage relationships that go well beyond a wedding ceremony, and we want you to enjoy both your marriage and your wedding.

To get you started, here are some common myths that couples often have as they enter marriage:

1. We expect (exactly!) the same things in marriage!  Relationships are governed by a list of unspoken rules and expectations, like "always be on time, don't talk about anything that might upset the apple cart, we'll each do our share of the household chores, etc."

2. Everything good in our relationship will get even better.  It's not unusual to have an idealistic view of your spouse as you enter marriage. But in reality, many couples experience a bit of a wake-up call after the first 3 - 6 months when life begins to settle in with its routines and demands. Consequently, our views of each other and even ourselves in this awesome relationship requires some re-balancing as reality replaces idealism.

3. The bad things in my life will disappear once we're married.  Unfortunately, marriage can't erase all the pains of our pre-married life. And the truth is, if we haven't dealt with them effectively and honestly before we get married, they'll make themselves known afterwards!

4. My spouse will make me whole.  This is a deeply flawed expectation that a surprisingly high number of soon-to-be newlyweds harbor deep inside and it is likely the most dangerous expectation of all. Marriage is absolutely wonderful in so many ways, but it is not a short-cut to emotional wellbeing and happiness.

Please let us help you prepare for the most important relationship you'll ever have on this earth! We would love to talk with you today to explore how you can prepare as couple so that you will live... "HAPPILY EVER AFTER!"

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